Who’s that girl?

I’ve heard it all my life…

If you didn’t already put two and two together about the name “pretty in the face,” here’s the tea (as the kids say): it is the backhanded compliment I’ve received (and still do!) my entire life. It is a way to demean, shame, and passively tell someone they do NOT find the rest of you pretty according to some really messed up standards (which we’ll get into in future posts).

I’ve been saying this for about six months now, but let me come out officially. Hi, I’M FAT.

And I have a LOT to say about that fact. I have spent my entire life thinking I was less of a person than the smaller-bodied lady sitting next to me, that my worth was directly tied to my size, and that I was not allowed to enjoy my life UNTIL I attained a weight on the scale that someone, somewhere deemed acceptable. I’m 44 years old, y’all, and I’m tired of wasting precious time and brain space on this shit. Instead, I’d rather organize, write songs, start a movement, and fight the systems that have stolen the first half of my life from me.

I hope you will consider joining me on this quest. I will fully admit that I am by no means a great writer, but I hope the messages that are shared will keep you entertained – and who knows, maybe if you stay long enough, you’ll get tired of the bullshit, too.

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